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APEX Training Centre is an elite strength and conditioning facility dedicated to supporting individuals on their fitness journeys. Our 6,000 square foot warehouse space is designed with the highest quality equipment and a wealth of experience, making it a functional and welcoming environment.

We provide a wide range of services, including classes and personalized programs, to help all our members reach their goals. Whether you are getting back in shape, or pursuing professional ambitions we are here to foster your potential.

Aspire for greatness. Reach your highest point.

Our facility includes:

  • Parking
  • Individual change rooms
  • Individual showers
  • Lockers
  • Lounge area

Equipment list

  • 4 professional grade weightlifting platforms
  • 4 racks
  • 2 wall racks
  • 2 moveable squat stands
  • 14 foot rogue rig
  • Belt squat
  • Deadlift Platform with band attachments
  • Various Specialty Bars
  • Thousands of pounds of bumper and metal plates
  • Full Cable Machine (Seated Row / Lat Pull Down / Cable Crossover)
  • Glute ham raise
  • Reverse Hyperextension
  • 45 degree back extension
  • True Form Treadmill, Two Concept II Rowers, Assault Bike
  • Kettlebells 8kg – 32kg
  • Dumbells from 5lbs to 120lbs
  • 25 yards professional grade artificial turf
  • 200 lbs 300 lbs 400 lbs and 800 lbs tire
  • 2 climbing ropes
  • Hurdles / Agility Cones / Plyo Boxes
  • Med Balls 6 lbs – 100 lbs
  • Prowlers, sleds, farmers walks, stones, yoke, battle ropes, arm over arm rope
  • Steel maces
  • And much more!

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