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Whatever your goals may be, the coaches at Sabaria School of Weightlifting are here to guide you to success! It is our mission to set the standard for high quality weightlifting coaching in Canada and have made strategic partnerships to allow our athletes to have the best training environment possible. Our values emphasize mutual respect between athletes and coaches which is the foundation of our methodology. Sabaria Welcomes athletes of all levels, regardless if you wish to compete in the sport of weightlifting or recreationally practice the movements for every day practical use or sports performance.

Program Description

  • Master the Technique of the Full Lifts (Snatch/Clean and Jerk)
  • Improve Mobility, Stability, Acceleration, Agility, Rhythm, Timing/Coordination and overall body awareness
  • Use of Olympic Lifting for Sports Performance
  • Programming in 1-3 month Mesocycles and or Macrocycles for those athletes at the Train to Compete stage in LTAD
  • Enjoy a recreational hobby that promotes health in every aspect of physical wellness

Coach Raffi Yousefi

Raffi Yousefi has been coaching with Sabaria for the past two years and has attained his NCCP Level 1 in Olympic Weightlifting, given the opportunity to learn under great coaches in the sport including Richard Gonsalves and Steve Sandor. Raffi has worked with athletes of all levels including Special needs athletes to Collegiate division one talent, offering a very patient approach to teaching beginners the technique and ensuring progress is produced is the number one priority for each session.


  • BSc Strength and Sport Conditioning
  • Strength and Sport Conditioning Diploma
  • Currently Pursuing Honors Degree in Athletic Therapy

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