GROUP Classes

we provide a wide range of services, including classes and personalized programs, to help all our members reach their goals. Whether you are getting back in shape, or pursuing professional ambitions we are here to foster your potential.


APEX Group Training

In these sessions, you will work closely will a coach in a small group setting. This allows us to give the most attention to each member. Our programming is done month to month with the primary focus being strength training and functional conditioning in order to develop a solid well rounded base of fitness. The progression of each member is up to the coaches’ discretion as well as that individual’s fitness goals.

APEX 20/20

In this 50 minute session, you’ll be pushed through a variety movements in the form of a circuit. 20 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest is the name of the game. You’ll leave dripping in sweat and feeling great from all those reps.



This full body 45 minute workout uses a combination of weight lifting and high intensity cardiovascular intervals to push your limits. The goal is to keep your heart rate up throughout the entire 45 minutes, as you push yourself through some gruelling circuits. All training levels are welcome.

APEX Strong

This 75 minute class uses strongman implements to challenge you in unconventional ways. Be prepared to drag sleds, flip tires and use sledge hammers as part of a tough yet rewarding workout.


APEX Sweat n’ Stretch

This sessions starts with a short but intense 30 minute workout. Once the workout is complete, members will be led through 30 minutes of mobility session where individual issues can be addresses by the coach.

APEX Steel Mace

Get ready to sweat! In this class, you’ll learn the foundations of steel mace training. Combining interval training and longer duration work sets, you’ll build muscle, burn fat, and challenge your nervous system. Each class ends strong with an abs circuit to sculpt your core.