Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Matthew Pasquale has always been actively involved with sports from a young age. He grew up playing competitive hockey and soccer but it wasn’t until he was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that he found himself taking the training process to the next level. He would participate in group strength and conditioning sessions on a regular basis in training for various competitions. Matthew saw tremendous improvements as a result of these sessions. He decided to pursue his passion in strength and conditioning at York University where he obtained a Specialized Honors degree in Kinesiology. Shortly after, he became certified by the NSCA as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. With a clear vision in mind, Matthew has created APEX Training Centre to provide the best in personalized programs to fit his clients needs.



Strength and Conditioning Coach

David Sambartolo attended a high school that had a competitive soccer program for athletes. Along with getting accepted to this soccer focused academy, David played rep soccer for 8 years, as well as played on the top team in Ontario for his last year. David became fascinated with the human body and how training could improve him in this sport. With this, David attended and graduated Humber College for Fitness & Health Promotion. He continues to live his passion as a certified personal trainer. David puts his heart, soul and dedication into his work as he helps others successfully and happily achieve their goals.



Calisthenics and Strength and Conditioning Coach

John has been taking exercise and fitness seriously since the age of 14. Having limited access to a gym, John got into body weight training also known as Calisthenics – physical exercise that is done without special equipment to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement. All throughout high school John was on the basketball and snowboarding team and has a true passion for the sports. Till this day he continues to practice those sports regularly and trains to help him improve and continue to perform better. Now as a certified personal trainer John aims to help people strive for greatness and achieve their goals. His motto is, “In everything you do, whatever it may be, it’s You-vs-You”.


Tyler Cappadocia

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Growing up playing rugby and football for all of his life tyler has found a passion in creating athletic bodies that are both functional and strong. He is dedicated to his craft and believes that “GO” is more important than “SHOW”. Tyler has a fascination with biomechanics and functionality which is the base from which his training approach is centred. He is always ready to help anyone in need of reaching their full Athletic capabilities.


Du Nguy

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Du Nguy has a lengthy history in athletic training. He grew up playing basketball and found that strength training helped him compete better on the court. He would later turn his love for strength training into a full time profession. Du’s mantra is that with anything in life, it is imperative to always go forward and strive for self-improvement. Du currently competes in powerlifting competitions.



Implement / Steel Mace / Warrior Yoga Coach

Adam has been coaching athletics for 24 years and was first certified as a personal trainer in 1997. For the past seven years, Adam has turned his focus to his passion for human biomechanics and muscle physiology. Six years ago, Adam got involved in Olympic weightlifting and has earned an Olympic weightlifting certification from the prestigious Kanama HP. With additional certifications for the VIPR, BOSU, SURGE and Trigger Point, Adam has made education his main focus and strictly uses scientifically supported training methods and techniques. Adam has studied bodybuilding and has extensive knowledge of muscle hypertrophy.

In the search for total human optimization, Adam focuses on loaded movement training and mobility training, as these have proven to be the most effective and efficient training modalities.

Adam is most recently an Onnit academy certified coach, steel mace specialist, Foundations-certified and Durability-certified.


Brandon Mouncey

Strength and conditioning coach

Brandon has been involved in soccer, rugby, baseball, and cross-country at a competitive level throughout his life. To improve on his physical ability and performance Brandon started to incorporate weight training into his regiment. As time went on Brandon geared his training toward strength training, to fill the gap after finishing sports. Now Brandon has a passion and drive for increasing his strength and fitness level. Brandon is a graduate from “Humber College Fitness and Health”. Brandon brings his eight years of strict weight training experience to his coaching. Brandon’s approach to training allows his clients to reach their goals while enjoying the journey.


Ahj Roberts

Athletic Development

Channeling his focus within the the broad spectrum of human kinetics to athletic performance, Ahjton specializes in sport biomechanics for the development of the elite level athlete. 

By founding 180° High Performance, Ahjton has branded a unique but measurable style of training in conjunction with a lifestyle that relates to both the physical and mental battle of athletes at all levels.


Carlos Nunez

Strength and conditioning coach

Growing up Carlos was involved in competitive soccer and 5km running competition for 6 years in his younger years back in Panama. At the age of 15 Carlos’s mom decided to bridge him to Canada to learn English and for a better future.

Carlos started doing strength and hypertrophy training at the age of 20, to improve his physique and self confidence. His main goals are to be successful in life and teach people how to lift.